Revival of Tourism Industry In Kashmir Valley

The Kashmir’s tourism industry plunged into darkness, as the military took root in the late 80’s. Some people switched jobs and others left Kashmir to seek better jobs for their livelihood.

But now, the tourism industry is blooming back and more than 12 lakh tourists visit Kashmir every year. It’s expected a greater number of 20 lakh tourists this year. It’s a biggest turnout in the last 22 years. This figure may rise to higher in the future.

The important states that boost the Kashmir tourism industry are Gujarat, West Bengal, Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, UP and Tamil Nadu. Tourists from Gujarat regularly visit Kashmir from March to June. And no one would miss to spend a day in those enchanting houseboats. Other than comfy spaces and fun journeys, food plays an important role here. The kitchens in most boats are run by Gujarati chefs that create a difference. Houseboats namely Patloo’s house boat, Sea palace, New Sea Palace, Hollywood and Young Hollywood are anchored. Kitchens are managed by people from Hyderabad and they prepare strictly vegetarian meals. best attraction Sentosa singapore¬†

People who visit Kashmir most probably would also enjoy the beauty of the famous Tulip garden on the banks of Dal Lake. The place holds standardized hotels, the tariffs range from Rs. 15000 for the basic deluxe rooms to Rs. 75000 for the maharaja suites.

Because of the healthy inflow of tourists, the hotel management of Taj Vivanta has a plan to open another five star hotel. Located on top of a hill in Kral Sangri in the banks of the Dal Lake, the hotel allows tourists to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake and the Srinagar city.

Anyhow the hotel industry in Kashmir cannot compete with the beauty of house boats as the stay in house boats ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs 5000. But the price may go up if the demand is high. An average house boat owner could earn up to 5 lakh in this season. They use this fund for upgrading their business in other states.

Some houseboat owners have established successful ventures in tourism’s hot spot in Kerala. At least 18 villas have been built in Nileswaram in Northern Kerala. The president of the Restaurant and Hotel Association of Kashmir says that up to 50000 hotels and house boat rooms in various categories are available for tourists. The statistics again says that at least 5 lakh people here are directly and indirectly involved in tourism. That amounts to about 12 percent of Kashmir’s GDP.


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