Cultural Tourism – Tanzania Travel Tips You Should Know

Eco-tourism or cultural/community development tourism encourage the local community to take care of wild-life and vegetation. They are allowed to get benefits from the income the wild-life creates.

Eco-tourism can be your never-forge experience in Tanzania. Whether it could be socializing with the local community, enjoying cultural performances, buying handicrafts or enjoying natural beauty, the experiences will remain with you. The following are of great attraction for cultural or eco-tourism:

– Bird-watching

– Camel Safari

– Dhow Trips

– Dolphin-viewing

– Scuba Diving

– Snorkeling

– Sport Fishing

– Traditional Cuisine

– Cultural Hikes

– Canoeing and many more.

Your Tanzania safari will get you every moment to enjoy in the lap of nature. Tanzania’s best known tourism route is the Northern Circuit. You may come across the herds of wildebeest or flocks of flamingos. Don’t miss the opportunity to see famous national parks like Serengeti, Arusha, Tarangire and Lake Manyara. Your journey will be more comfortable while you take certain things with you.

What to Take With You:

– You can take your cameras or camcorder with you.

– Binoculars and a torch will help you see and find your way at night.

– Take hat, sun-glasses and sun lotion to have protection against heat.

– Get hold of some insect repellent to avoid getting stung. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

– Taking necessary medicines is well idea.

– Taking cash is a good idea since cheques can be exchanged in remote city arrears.

If you wish to make your journey more comfortable, you need to keep certain things into mind. These are not mandatory but extremely important.

Some Dos and Don’ts

– Distances in Tanzania are vast to cover and it is wise therefore, not to spend much time in all parks.

– Always keep safe distance from the wild animals and avoid distressing them.

– Follow the instructions of your guide.

– Avoid brightly colored clothes that may alarm the animals. Khaki or browns will do.

– Women need to carry a wrap to cover their legs because in certain areas like Zanzibar and other Muslim areas, it is offensive to expose clothes.

Wandering in the forests of Zanzibar or visiting some of the ancient and archeological sites or spending a couple of days after your safari on the African mainland will really give you memorable experiences.


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